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Karst Hell - an introduction to the combat operations of the 98th Infantry Regiment in Sochi

Eleven gigantic positional, from the point of view of the Habsburg monarchy, defensive battles took place between the armies of Italy and Austria-Hungary in the catchment area of the Sochi River flowing through the front zone from north to south between 23rd 1915 and 13 September 1917. The last battle, sometimes referred to as the Twelfth, which is incorrect from an operational point of view, was an offensive completely modern operation conducted from 24 to 27 October 1917 with the participation of the German ally in the area of Upper Sochi between Bovec and Tolmin ...

Karst Hell - Fights of the 98th Infantry Regiment in Sochi in the 10th Italian Offensive

Forty-five kilometers long front from Plava to the sea experienced a massive Italian attack on May 12, 1917, numbering a manpower of 280 thousand soldiers of Italian 3rd Army of Lt. Gen. Emanuel Filibert Duco d´Aosta, after 54 hours of fire of more than three thousand guns. The first phase of the tenth offensive began with the repulse of the Italian attacks at Plav and Zagora in the afternoon of the same day. Another mass attack was directed at Monte Santo ( Sveta Gora ), S. Katarina and Škabrijel, Rožná Dolina, Panovec and Marek's hrib. The Italian attacks were devastating, but the defenders resisted and prevented them from occupying their positions.

Karst Hell - Fights of the 98th Infantry Regiment in Sochi in the 11th Italian Offensive

The Italian eleventh offensive, which naturally had to come despite huge losses of manpower, was definitely the last attempt of the gen. Cadorny on the breakthrough front on the Sochi river. Comando Supremo drew up an ingenious operational plan, the aim of which on the southern section of the front was to break through the K line, occupy most of the Comenius Karst and isolate the defenders on Hermada.

Karst Hell - Fights of the 98th Infantry Regiment in Sochi in the 8th Italian Offensive

Destruction of Honved regiments at Opatje Sela - the eighth Italian offensive in Sochi
The extraordinary density of fourteen divisions within twelve kilometers of Shempeter and the coast, the ever-improving interaction of artillery and infantry, massive firepower, were all great positives of the Italian 2nd and 3rd armies in the Eighth Battle of Sochi. The defenders, on the other hand, were deployed on a destroyed or completely destroyed line of defense.



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