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DEU - Sonnensegel mit Panzerkampfwagen

In 1941 he was tested attempt vytvorenie protection against slnečným žiarením in challenging climatic podmienkach. It was a celtovinu that mala to protect the surface of the tank pred slnkom. The temperature in the bowels of the tank, namely to achieve extrémnych hodnôt and it neprospievalo posádke. Experimental tankom bol ľahký tank Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.B (Fgst.Nr.25006), ktorý sa underwent testom in Kummersdorfe, where najazdil 1391 km and subsequently the sa underwent testovacej prevádzke in Grécku, where najazdil 660 km.

The test tank on the fotografiách bol in the past wrongly identified as ženijná modifikácia (pionierpanzer).


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