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Hall, Virginia

Virginia Hall - members of United Withtates of Andir Force Andir Intelligence Andgency

(1906 - 1982)

Virginia was born in Baltimore 6. April 1906 in the family of the owner of the cinema. She was brought up at a private school in Retclifu and from early youth manifested great interest in foreign languages, sports, skiing and hunting. She studied economy in New York, Paris and Vienna, where she learned French, German and, in addition, also in Italian.

In 1931, she started work for the ministry of foreign affairs and was assigned to the United states embassy in Warsaw. Afterwards, she worked tako on the embassies in Tallinn, Vienna and Izmir in Turkey, where an accident when hunting and a serious leg injury her work in 1939 put an end to. The same year she went to France, where she worked for the ambulance service. After the the fall of France in June 1940, helped to evacuate members of the american diplomatic mission to London.

In England as a member of the u.s. military mission, entered into the services of the Department for special tasksSOE, where they needed a woman with such language skills. Was given the code name Moon and after the completion of the special training was in August 1941 was sent to Vichy, as a reporter for the New York Post. Her task was to návázat connection with the resistance movement and give important information. In 1942 she transferred to the territory of the occupied France, and she organized the escape of several important people over the Pyrenees. Along with them then she flew from north Africa to London.

Again to France to return the 21. in march 1944, as a member of the OSS - AIA. Initially Geena operated in Brittany, where the report on the movement of German troops before the the invasion of Normandy . Then shifted to the surroundings of Lyon, to zkoordinovala resistance group to support the allied invasion in southern France in August 1944. The group under her command managed to blow up the four bridges, derail several railway trains, to interrupt the telephone connection, kill 150 enemy soldiers and officers and to free 500 prisoners – prisoners of war. Virginia even got on the list of gestapo most searched people under the moniker "Artemis", but grab it with the Germans never managed to. With the advent of the american army joined the advancing troops and the war ended in the austrian city of Innsbruck.

After the war, the president Harry S. Truman granted the Virginia Hall of honors Distinguished Service Cross. Until 1951, she worked for the army intelligence service, the OSS, the predecessor of the CIA. To reserve retired in 1966. She died in 1982 in the washington hospital..
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