Battle Dress Uniform M81 Woodland, referred to as "BDU" or "BDU Woodland "*

NSN : 8415-01-084-1648 ( blouse temperate )
NSN : 8415-01-084-1717 ( trousers temperate )

*in Army Regulation 670-1, HQ Dept of the Army dated 3.February 2005, the last regulation dealing with this type of uniform, this uniform was referred to exclusively as "BDU"

This camouflage combat uniform was introduced into the US Army's arsenal in 1981. It was based on the well-known ERDL model, which was used by some US troops during and after the Vietnam War. In the early 1980s, ERDL uniforms were still appearing in the arsenal, even being used simultaneously with the new BDU uniforms. The definitive turning point was the invasion of Grenada, during which the BDU was definitively the only type of field combat uniform used by U.S. Army ground troops anymore. The uniform was used in three different material finishes, Temperate, Hot Weather ( HW ) and Enhanced Hot Weather ( EHW ).
EHW is sewn with Rip-Stop technology, the composition is 50%nylon and 50% cotton, HW is also sewn with Rip-Stop technology from 100% cotton,
Temperate is a fabric of 50% nylon and 50% cotton.

BDU in "Woodland" colors was based on the ERDL uniform and has become extremely popular and the most copied uniform in the world.
This uniform is currently being phased out in the US ARMY with the new concept ACU uniform
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