Typ 89 (122 mm raketomet)

Type 89 - 40 hlavňový 122 mm missile launcher on the pásovom chassis Type 321.

Fully pancierovaná verzia 122 mm rocket launcher Type 81. This raketometom are armed with raketometné oddiely tank divízii PLA.
The rocket launcher is equipped with computer systémom riadenia paľby and systémom protection of the crew in front of účinkami weapons of mass ničenia.
Itself odpaľovacie zariadenie is umiestnené in its part of the vehicles, in the prednej part of the vehicle is umiestnené automatic nabíjacie zariadenie. Vehicle celkovo prepravuje 80 rakiet, of which 40 is pripravených to odpáleniu. Prebitie vehicle a new volley of nabíjacieho zariadenia takes tri minúty.

Basic tactical-technical data are porovnateľné with Type 81.
Operation: 5
Kaliber: 122 mm
Dĺžka rockets: 2,87 m
Hmotnosť rockets: 66,8 kg
Dostrel: 20~30 km
Účinok: trieštivá, or trieštivo-twitchy hlavica.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Typ-89-122-mm-raketomet-t38466#145759 Version : 0
122 mm rocket launcher Type 89.
Typ 89 (122 mm raketomet) - 122 mm raketomet Type 89

122 mm raketomet Type 89
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Typ-89-122-mm-raketomet-t38466#145761 Version : 0
Caliber: 122,4 mm
Length overall:7,18 meters
The length of the hull:6,85 m
Width: 3,145 m
Height: 3,180 m
Engine: 12 V Type 12150L on the performance of 520 Hp
Ford:1.3 m
Range: 450 km
Speed: 55 km/h
Weight: 29 900 kg
Elevation: 0°to + 55°
Measured quantity: 168°

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Typ 89 (122 mm raketomet) -

Typ 89 (122 mm raketomet) -

Typ 89 (122 mm raketomet) -

Typ 89 (122 mm raketomet) -

Typ 89 (122 mm raketomet) -

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Typ-89-122-mm-raketomet-t38466#381571 Version : 0
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