Project of a tank gun fighter on the chassis of a Soviet AT-P transporter armed with a vz.59 82 mm calibre recoilless gun. Development took place in the 1950s, and the OT-810D was eventually introduced into the CSLA's armament.

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In connection with this vehicle I wanted to ask where I could find more information about the chassis. The only thing I found are photos of some Ukrainian conversion to a "German tank" for filming purposes and a couple of articles about this Lesan exhibit. I know there are articles, but I don't have them.

EDIT: Not Ukrainian, but Belarusian conversion. It's a machine in the Stalin Line Exposition area, NW of Minsk. The link is at the bottom of the Beech table by AT-P.

I can't find the original form of the tractor, or whatever you call it.
I was wondering how many elements it has in common with ASU-57. For example, belts, wheels, suspension, hull shapes, etc.
I wonder if it might be from the same canard, etc...
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You searched here - ? By the way they have a large database of regulations as well, maybe they have the AT-P regulations there as well.
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No, he wasn't looking for. But I was there a few years ago registrovany, I don't know how to now if my account nezrusili. (or was it forum
Thanks, this prozkoumam, at least you won procvicim my zakladoskolske residues Rustiny...Very Happy

PS:so is it the same forum, but I somehow forgot the password. Maybe I tried to write it from the CR cyrillic characters...well, at least it will be fun....
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On the site is k dispozícii aj is an instrument to používaniu AT-P from the year 1956..

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