SOV - Kljon-PS

Laser rangefinder, designator targets. Located in the příďovém cone Su-17M3, Su-17M4 he carried an improved Kljon-54.

Remote range up to 10 km, the accuracy better than 5 m. the Maximum range for the tagging of targets 8 km against ground targets. The range of motion of the sensor and markers in azimuth +-12 degrees in the vertical +6 to -30 degrees. Weight 82 kg.

The Laser - repetition rate up to 25 Hz, the weight of 2.5 kg. Cooling system liquid, weight 6.5 kg.

The dimensions of the system including cooling: 240 mm x 188 mm x 103 mm.

Jane's Electro-Optic Systems 1999-2000
Sukhoi Su-7/-17/-20-22, Yefim Gordon, Aerofax, Midland publishing 2004.
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This system had a relatively interesting use. His overall appearance (no moving turret in which to place the laser, missing screen or driver in the cockpit) originally confused Western analysts and considered Kljon incapable of marking a target, assuming that it was only a device for aiming marked targets.
Despite this mistake, Kljon was used as a marker and sight in this way - there was no special screen in the cabin of the aircraft, Kljon cooperated with the sight in the aircraft and its flight system. The pilot first aimed at the target in his crosshairs and locked it. The laser then automatically tracked the target using information supplied from the aircraft's navigation complex. Of course, the pilot was not allowed to deviate enough to maneuver the target beyond the laser's field of view, which was relatively narrow. This was the disadvantage of this arrangement.
The second disadvantage is that the laser-guided bombs (unlike missiles) lag behind the carrier after being dropped, so they could have trouble tracking the beam. Of course, if one aircraft marks and the other bombs (hunter-killer), this problem is eliminated.

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The KLEN-PS laser marker window in the nose of Sukhoi Su-25K aircraft.To prevent unwanted light emission into the sighting area, the window is equipped with a polarized light filter.
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Blocks electronics laser markers KLEN-PS in the bow of the aircraft Sukhoi SU-25K. Include the power source of the reticle and a synchronizer marker-sight.The actual mechanics and electronics of the marker is hidden under the aerodynamic cover on the bow..
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