The Lu Dun-2000 ( LD-2000) is the latest Close In Weapon System (CIWS) anti-aircraft weapon system developed by the PRC. The basis of the weapon system is the Type 730 airborne anti-aircraft system. The system has undergone successful firing tests and is offered by the NORINCO industrial association in international markets.

The new weapon system was first introduced in 2004. It can be used for the point defence of important objects such as airfields, strategic facilities, transport hubs and command posts against attacks by air attack assets, including cruise missiles. The system itself may include anti-aircraft guided missiles in addition to the 30 mm fast-firing seven-barrelled gun.
In design and use, the system is similar to similar missiles being developed around the world, mostly based on Raytheon's 20 mm multi-barrel cannon.

The design of the cannon is similar to the Dutch Goalkeeper type. The prototype was tested on the chassis of a conventional 8x8 truck, another prototype also equipped with six anti-aircraft missiles TY-90 was mounted on a special all-terrain vehicle WS-2400. The chassis when firing is stabilized by four hydraulically extended struts.
The remote-controlled gun is housed in a separate turret at the rear of the chassis. The turret also includes two magazines containing 500 rounds each (one anti-personnel sub-caliber (APDS) and the other magazine of fragmentation rounds (HE)).
The fired cartridges are ejected through the lower part of the turret in front of the gun. The barrels are powered by an external source with a firing rate of 4600~5800 rounds/minute. The range of the cannon is 3000 m, typical target firing is at a distance of 1000~1500 m.
A Type 347G gunner's radar is used for target tracking and aiming, to which an optical day and night (thermal imaging) sighting system and a laser rangefinder are attached.
The operator is housed in a container which is located on the same vehicle in the front.

Source: www.wing21.rtaf.mi.th
URL : https://www.valka.cz/LD-2000-t54827#202326 Version : 0
Some photos. The system is probably not yet introduced into the PLA armament.
LD-2000 - LD-2000 (celkový pohľad)

LD-2000 (celkový pohľad)
LD-2000 - LD-2000

LD-2000 - LD-2000

LD-2000 - LD-2000

LD-2000 - LD-2000 (prvý prototyp bez rakiet TY-90)

LD-2000 (prvý prototyp bez rakiet TY-90)
URL : https://www.valka.cz/LD-2000-t54827#202331 Version : 0
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