Bartulović, Božidar B.

Narednik Božidar M. Bartulović

He was born 25.5.1923 in Belgrade. Before joining the 2nd Pilot School in Kraljevo, Bartulović lived in Zemun.

In May, he joined the Air Force of the Independent State of Croatia at the rank of vodnik and after completing fighter training with A/B 120 and JFS 4, he was sent to the Eastern Front to 15(Kroat)./JG 52 just as it was completing its first tour. Returning to the eastern battlefield in the spring of 1943, he achieved eight kills in less than 20 months (all LaGG-3).

On 10 April he was promoted to NCO and sent to JG 104. He then served Fl.Ü.G. before being transferred to 2./Kro JGr 1 in December. He flew C.202 and C.205. He was credited with one unconfirmed B-24 shot down. After returning to the air force of the Independent State of Croatia, he was sent to the 2nd Fighter Squadron in Boroganj, where he flew with Fi-167 until he was shot down by British Mustangs near Sisak on 10 October. He managed to bail out but was seriously injured (one half-inch projectile even hit his skull and blew out his right eye).

After a long recovery in Zagreb, he was sent to an officer's course. Immediately after its completion, however, he was captured and remained in a prison camp until 1946. After his release, however, he was arrested again and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was freed in 1954, graduated from university and lived in Skopje until 1970, when he emigrated to Germany. He died in Munich on October 15, 1985.

Source: Croatian Aces of World War 2 - Osprey, Aircraft of the Aces 49, ISBN 1-87176-435-3
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