RUM - šabľa vz.1861 pre finančnú stráž

Saber for the financial guard
Sabbath of the Austrian financial watch
Saber for the financial guard

The saber for financial is very similar in shape to the saber for Austrian gendarmes from which it differs in only a few details. In the first place, the weapon usually does not have holes for the wrist and the portepee is worn simply tied around the basket. Another small but significant difference is that on the upper and lower fittings of the vagina there are two parallel strips perpendicular to the vagina.
The set and forging of the vagina is made of iron or white metal. Belt basket, esovite bent, extended into a symmetrical protective sheet at the end terminated by a volute. Wooden handle, covered with leather, reinforced with braided wire. Single head, profiled sleeve. Metal sheath covered with leather, terminated by a spike.

weapon dimensions:

Weapon length: 873 mm
Blade length: 737 mm
Blade width: 24 mm
Blade deflection: 12 mm
Weight: 510 g

These are the dimensions of a specific weapon, which, given the number of manufacturers, should be considered as indicative only.

Jan Sach, Petr Moudry: Cold Weapons in the Habsburg Monarchy, Ars-Arm Prague, ISBN 80-902043-4-1
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The picture shows a weapon from my collection, which I recently managed to obtain. It's in pretty bad shape, someone painted it with different colors that do not bear the original, unfortunately another image that would not be covered by copyright, I could not get. But I'm going to reconstruct it, so eventually I'll add better photos later ...
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I will add one better picture

Jan Sach, Petr Moudry: Cold Weapons in the Habsburg Monarchy, Ars-Arm Prague, ISBN 80-902043-4-1
URL : Version : 0
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