RUM - šabľa vz.1889 pre c.k. úradníkov a profesorov

Sabre for civil servants and professors, 2nd half of 19th century (model 1889)
Säbel der österreichischen Beamten und k.u.k. Professoren
Sabres for civil servants and professors

The literature also identifies this weapon simply as a sabre for clerks from the second half of the 19th century (the model designation is not found in the work of J. Shah: Cold Weapons in the Habsburg Monarchy). This weapon was produced in several variants for different types of officials with minor differences, most often in the decoration of the basket.
The set is brass (possibly gilt) with a cast richly decorated openwork basket with foliate relief and Austrian emblem. Wooden handle, covered with leather and reinforced with wire. Profiled sleeve, handle back and pommel richly decorated with foliate relief.
Blade double-edged, passing into a central point with a false edge. Blades may be decorated by etching or other techniques (not a rule).
Scabbard metal (or wooden), covered with leather. Brass (gilded) fittings on the outside with plant ornamentation. Monogram of the monarch (FJI) under the crown on the upper fittings. Lower fittings finished with a spur. Suspension with loop and fixed ring.

Weapon length: 958 mm
Blade length: 815 mm
Blade width: 22 mm
Curvature: 16 mm
Weight: 560 g

Jan Šach, Petr Moudrý: Cold Weapons in the Habsburg Monarchy, Ars-Arm Prague, ISBN 80-902043-4-1
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