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> Jak sem psát !!!

The last time this came up a few topics, around which then started a debate, whether it here include or not, that's why it's better drafting and'll ask all prispevatele to section AKTUALNE, ridte, please see below as expressly provided under.

The goal this section is not in the by case bulvar or any "pestre news of the world", on the contrary. We are here to monitor the world's deni and worldwide press and inform mainly about :

- klicovych udalostech in vojenstvi (purchase and sale of arms and zbranovych complex, testovani new weapon). Let's take it but with reason, testovani some neviditelneho boat, which will be in operation for thirty years, this is the file for technet, not here. Here if you use real things and real weapons are true and actual impact.

- klicove events in world politics and foreign its relations in the context of and navaznostech on possible military conflicts. Again, include here from Georgia and Russia cannot agree on the community borders have been placed maybe, but nepatri here, from the Polish president navstivil Portugal and prohledl you - the plaza.

- news from the probihajicich the military operation and peace mission and deni in the military. Prepady, pads, aircraft, nastrazna device, vyznamenani command, appeals and the appointment velitelu, what is she generalu, it's all here include.

Other things here please don't be - who wants to have fun, ma on internet sources, here would be rad if we stayed with what nejpresnejsiho and take what nejvyvazenejsiho monitoring current deni at the nas and in the world to vojenstvi and political situation.

Last but not least, please for the consistent adherence to the headings in the format DD.MM.YYYY - ....
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