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06.03.2012 - Pravděpodobně šest mrtvých v provincii Hílmand

Six soldiers, five from 3. battalion of the Yorkshire regiment (3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment) and one of 1. battalion of the regiment of the duke of Lancaster (1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment), was on patrol in the province of Helmand, when their vehicle Warrior exploded.
They are listed as missing, but most likely they are all dead.

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1st Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment:
- sergeant Nigel Coupe, 33 years old

3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment:
- corporal Jake Hartley, 20 years old
- private Anthony Frampton, 20 years
- private Christopher Kershaw, 19 years old
- private Daniel Wade, 20 years old
- private Daniel Wilford, 21 years old
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