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07.10.2015 - Ruský útok na cíle v Sýrii řízenými střelami

Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu on 07.10.2015 during the meeting with president Putin said that the four ships, Caspian fleet launch cruise missiles at targets in western Syria. All the shots (allegedly) hit the planned targets. The shot went through the iraqi and iranian airspace with the consent of their governments from the southern part of the Caspian sea.

This is the first combat firing of cruise missiles from ships against ground targets in Russia.

Shipping protizemní missile 3M-14T "Caliber" (NATO: SS-N-30A) have a range between 1500 - 2600 km and are routed to the satellite system Glonass, with the active radar by entering. The missile was introduced into service in the year 2014.

From the frigate Dagestan (Project 11661 Gepard (NATO: Cheetah)) and corvettes Grad Svijažsk, Uglič and Great Ustjug (Project 26631 Bujan-M/Grad Svijažsk) was detonated a total of 26 missiles.

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