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1. gardová tanková armáda [1957-1992]

1st Guards Tank Army

1-я гвардейская танковая армия (1 гв. ТА) - II. формирование

1. guards tank army
Original title:
Original Name:
1-я гвардейская танковая aрмия
Date of creation:
1. guards mechanized army
Date of termination:
1. guards tank army
Parent headquarters:
Higher Command:
29.04.1957-20.08.1968 the Group of soviet forces in Germany
20.08.1968-24.10.1968 High front
24.10.1968-01.07.1989 the Group of soviet forces in Germany
01.07.1989-31.12.1991 Western group of forces
29.04.1957-20.08.1968 Dresden, ? /
20.08.1968-24.10.1968 the central european theater of war
24.10.1968-31.12.1991 Dresden, ? /
29.04.1957-10.07.1957 Jakubovskij, Ivan Ignaťjevič (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
10.07.1957-18.02.1958 Tolubko, Vladimir Fedorovich (major general of tank troops)
18.02.1958-16.04.1958 Tolubko, Vladimir Fedorovich (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
16.04.1958-25.05.1959 Uchov, Vladimir Dmitrievich (major general of tank troops)
25.05.1959-11.03.1961 Uchov, Vladimir Dmitrievich (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
11.03.1961-27.04.1962 Ivanovskij, Yevgeny Filippovič (major general of tank troops)
27.04.1962-29.12.1965 Ivanovskij, Yevgeny Filippovič (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
29.12.1965-18.10.1968 Kožanov, Konstantin Grigorjevič (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
18.10.1968-22.11.1971 Gerasimov, Ivan Aleksandrovich (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
22.11.1971-02.11.1972 Lušev, Pyotr Georgiyevich (major general of tank troops)
02.11.1972-30.07.1973 Lušev, Pyotr Georgiyevich (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
30.07.1973-08.05.1974 Snětkov, Boris Vasilyevich (major general of tank troops)
08.05.1974-DD.07.1975 Snětkov, Boris Vasilyevich (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
DD.07.1975-13.02.1976 Popov, Nikolai Ivanovich (major general of tank troops)
13.02.1976-13.04.1979 Popov, Nikolai Ivanovich (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
13.04.1979-25.10.1979 Savočkin, Roman Mikhailovich (major general of tank troops)
25.10.1979-06.01.1981 Savočkin, Roman Mikhailovich (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
06.01.1981-DD.05.1983 Osipov, Vladimir Vasilyevich (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
DD.05.1983-DD.09.1986 Šejn, Boris Pětrovič (lieutenant general)
DD.09.1986-DD.01.1990 Černyšov, Anatoly Kuprijanovič (lieutenant general)
DD.01.1990-31.12.1991 Kolyškin, Gennady Andreyevich (lieutenant general)
Chief of staff:
Chief of Staff:
Subordinate units:
Subordinated Units:
Automaticky vyplněné položky:
29.04.1957-07.05.1992 11. gardová tanková divize
02.05.1957-17.11.1964 21. gardová motostřelecká divize
DD.MM.1957-12.02.1958 13. tanková divize
12.02.1958-11.01.1965 13. těžká tanková divize

Ručně vyplněné položky:
Honorary title:
Honorary Name:
22.02.1968 Order of the red banner
Drogovoz Igor Grigorjevič: Tankovyj sword of the Party sovětov. Minsk, Charvest 2001.
Feskov, Vitaly Ivanovich - Golikov, Valery Ivanovich - the Kalashnikov, Konstantin Anatolyevich: Sovětskaja Armija in goda "Cholodnoj war" (1946-1991 gg.). Tomsk, ITGU 2004.
Feskov, Vitaly Ivanovich - Golikov, Valery Ivanovich - the Kalashnikov, Konstantin Anatolyevich - Slugin, Sergey Anatolyevich: Vooružennyje Forces of the USSR messenger Velikoj Otěčestvennoj the army. No. 1. Tomsk, INTL 2013.
Fidler, George: The Occupation Of Czechoslovakia 21.8.1968. Brotherly aggression. Prague, The Raven 2003.
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1. gardová tanková armáda

(1-я гвардейская танковая армия)

On 27 May 1946, it was formed by renaming the original 1st Guards Tank Army - 1st Guards Mechanized Army. As a result of changes in the organization of tank armies, corps and divisions, the 1st Guards Mechanized Army was renamed again on 29 April 1957 as the 1st Guards Tank Army (2nd Formation). Its composition and deployment did not change significantly. It continued to operate on the territory of the German Democratic Republic with its headquarters in the city of Dresden. From this garrison, its troops crossed the border into Czechoslovakia on 21 August 1968, and faithfully occupied, along with other Warsaw Pact troops, the territory of its ally in Operation Danube.

Even before the entry of the "friendly armies" into the territory of Czechoslovakia, the army was awarded the Order of the Red Banner on 22 February 1968, quoting from a contemporary document:for great merits in the struggle for the defence of the Soviet homeland, achievements in combat and political training, and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Soviet army and navy.

Units and divisions of the Army participated in the clean-up of the aftermath of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April 1986 and the following months.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, the 1st Guards Tank Army survived only two years in the new system of the Russian Federation, and was disbanded in 1994.
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