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1096 - 1099 - 1st Crusade


1st Crusade

So much has already been written against the crusades that part of it has been suggested during the centuries to otherwise renowned historians. For these reasons, there is sometimes a historical paradox that while in Central Asia they usually respect their heroic ancestors, Europe tends to throw all possible dirt on its ancestors. That is why it is very important to understand this topic correctly, and that is why we will address it in this article as well.


Although the Crusades are not my domain at all and I have never shown any particular interest in this phenomenon, when writing the Best of the Knights (in which I wrote an introduction and additions concerning St. Francis of Assisi and St. Louis IX) article forced me to write an article about the reason for the crusades and I decided to describe these expeditions very briefly.

Militia Templi

The first crusade brought, among other things, two significant events that significantly affected the life of medieval Europe: the emergence of military monastic orders (Templars, Johannites, Teutons) and the first case of international cooperation between traditionally quarrelsome and fighting European kingdoms. This cooperation, together with military activities in the Middle East and intercontinental trade, led to the creation of ideal conditions in which these orders could prosper.





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