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11.03.2012 - Rok od přírodní katastrofy v Japonsku

Today, i.e. 11.03. 2012, shall expire 1 year from the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunamis that struck the north-eastern coast of the japanese private (in the region of Tōhoku).
Badly damaged in particular a nuclear power plant located near the city of Fukushima, whose blocks 1-3 were heavily damaged, there was a complete blackout and a day later the block was 1 destroyed by the explosion, which occurred a very serious nuclear accident. The situation has still failed to solve ... (daddy catastrophe is compared with the accident at the nuclear plant Chernobyl, Three Mile Island or with havariemi in zavodě Chelyabinsk-65 or at Windscale).

The affected areas are still recovering and continue to get to know them the destructive power that the disaster has left. So far, it has been confirmed on the 15.850 dead and still missing over 3,000 people.

Source: NHK, tv, ....
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