15,5 cm Haubits F (155mm houfnice)

Model F

Model F means that it is a licensed and modified 155 mm fractional howitzer based on the M-1950 model. It was built in the late 1950s by Bofors and is still in the Swedish Army's arsenal, with a total of 100 produced by Bofors. The FH77 series howitzers are a continuation of the experience of this design series.

155 mm calibre.
Shipping weight. 9,000 kg
Bearing: -4°to +69°
Dimension: 80°
Range: 17 600 m
Transport length: 7 800 mm
Length in firing position: 7 800 mm
Transport width: 2 750 mm
Width in firing position: 6 800 mm
Transport height: 2 350 mm
Height in firing position: 1 750 mm
Rate of fire: 3 - 4 rounds/minute
Impact velocity: 650 m/s
Ammunition: HE, HEAT, (HE projectile weight 43 kg)
Crew: 8-10 men

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Arméns materiel, 1997 års utgåva (M7734-716111), godkänns för användning.
15,5 cm Haubits F (155mm houfnice) -

15,5 cm Haubits F (155mm houfnice) -

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