15-cm-lg. sFH 13 (15cm těžká polní houfnice)

15-cm-lg. sFH 13 (15 cm heavy field howitzer)
15-cm-lange schwere Feldhaubitze 13
15 cm long black field hood 13

Caliber: 149.7 mm
Barrel length: 2 550mm (L/14)
Groove length: 2,054 mm
Maximum slip: 1,500 mm
Firing rate: 4 rounds/min
Shipping weight: 3,000 kg
Weight in combat position: 2,250 kg
Muzzle velocity (max): 381 m/s (377 m/s)
Working pressure: 300 m/t
Max. range: 8 675/8 800 m
Artillery grenade weight: 42.0 kg
Elevation: 0 ° to + 45 °
Measure: 5 °
Circular measurement: 25 °
Lafeta: block

Germany, Belgium, Holland, Lithuania, Latvia

Author's archive
J.Engelmann: Deutsche Schwere Feldhaubitzen, Waffen-Arsenal 135, Podzum-Pallas Verlag, 6360 Friedburg, ISBN: 3-7909-0446-5, 1992
15-cm-lg. sFH 13 (15cm těžká polní houfnice) -

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