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Commemorative medal of 75 years of victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945

Author : 🕔17.01.2021 📕2.550
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The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu presented the medal to the Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitry Yazov , February 4, 2020

The medal was established by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 277 of 13 June 2019. Its name in Russian is Юбилейная медаль "75 лет Победы в Великой Отечественной войне 1941–1945 гг.».

The Presidential Decree determines that the medal is awarded:

  1. Military and civilians involved in the military operations of the Great Patriotic War fronts, guerrillas and members of underground organizations operating during the Great Patriotic War in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR, military and civilians serving during the Great Patriotic War in the USSR Armed Forces, persons awarded Medals for victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945 , Medal for victory over Japan or confirmation of participation in the Great Patriotic War;
  2. Working on the domestic front for sacrificial work during the Great Patriotic War awarded the USSR, medals for heroic work in the Great Patriotic War , for work heroism , for work merit , for defending Leningrad , for defending Moscow , for defending Sevastopol , for defending Odessa , for defending Stalingrad , For the defense of Kiev , For the defense of the Caucasus , For the defense of the Soviet polar region and persons with the status of a resident of besieged Leningrad;
  3. Persons who worked for at least 6 months in the period from 22 June 1941 to 9 May 1945, with the exception of the temporarily occupied areas of the USSR;
  4. Former juvenile prisoners of concentration camps, ghettos and other places of forced detention established by the Nazis or their allies during World War II;
  5. Citizens of foreign states that are not members of the Commonwealth of Independent States, who fought as part of military national formations within the USSR Armed Forces, as part of guerrilla units, underground groups and other anti-fascist formations, who significantly contributed to victory in the Great Patriotic War and were awarded state honors of the USSR or the Russian Federation .

The first medal was awarded by President Putin to four veterans on January 18, 2020 in St. Petersburg at a veterans' meeting.


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Author : 🕔17.01.2021 📕2.550