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19.01.2012 - Řecko: přistání F-16 bez podvozku

General Dynamics F-16D Fighting Falcon Block 52+ from 337. squadron "Fantasma" 110. combat wings (337 Μοίρα "Φάντασμα", 110 Πτέρυγα Μάχης) landed during training at the belly.
The machine carrying out the practice approach to the air base of Larissa in one of the approach and the subsequent "touch and go" nevysunul chassis. When the crew realized she was trying to keep the machine under control and carried out a landing on the belly.
Cause nevysunutí chassis has not been published yet. It could therefore be a technical malfunction or a mistake of the crew.
There has been less damage to the machine and the external tank. The crew escape unharmed.

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