1. armáda [1927- ]

1st Army
1. armáda 1st Army
Originální název:
Original Name:
1st Army
Datum vzniku:
7. armáda Seventh Army
Datum zániku:
- -
Nadřízené velitelství:
Higher Command:
13.10.1927-24.12.1941 Generální velitelství Armády Spojených států
24.12.1941-11.03.1942 Velitelství Východního válčiště2)
11.03.1942-DD.09.1943 Východní velitelství obrany 2)
DD.09.1943-DD.MM.RRRR Velitelství pozemních sil Armády Spojených států
DD.MM.1993-DD.MM.RRRR Velitelství sil Armády Spojených států
13.10.1927-24.12.1941 General Headquarters, United States Army
24.12.1941-11.03.1942 Eastern Theater of Operations2)
11.03.1942-DD.09.1943 Eastern Defense Command 2)
DD.09.1943-DD.MM.RRRR United States Army Ground Forces
DD.MM.1993-DD.MM.RRRR United States Army Forces Command
13.10.1927-08.09.1932 -, -
08.09.1932-19.10.1936 New York, Fort Jay
20.10.1936-26.10.1938 Boston, Army Base
27.10.1938-05.10.1943 New York, Fort Jay
DD.MM.1945-DD.MM.RRRR Columbia, Fort Jackson
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Fayetteville, Fort Bragg
DD.MM.1946-DD.MM.1966 New York, Fort Jay
DD.MM.1966-DD.MM.1993 Annapolis Junction, Fort George G. Meade
DD.MM.1993-DD.MM.2011 Forest Park, GA, Fort Gillem
DD.MM.2011-DD.MM.RRRR Rock Island, IL, Rock Island Arsenal

08.09.1932-30.04.1936 Nolan, Dennis (Major General)
01.05.1936-22.01.1938 Conner, Fox (Major General)
22.01.1938-29.06.1938 McCoy, Frank (Major General)
30.06.1938-05.11.1938 Parsons, James (Major General)
05.11.1938-07.10.1943 Drum, Hugh (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1943-DD.MM.1944 Grunert, George (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Bradley, Omar (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1944-DD.MM.1949 Hodges, Courtney (General)
DD.MM.1949-DD.MM.1949 Woodruff, Roscoe B. (Major General)
DD.MM.1949-DD.MM.1950 Smith, Walter B. (General)
DD.MM.1950-DD.MM.1950 Woodruff, Roscoe B. (Major General)
DD.MM.1950-DD.MM.1952 Crittenberger, Willis D. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1953-DD.MM.1954 Burress, Withers A.(Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1954-DD.MM.1957 Herren, Thomas W. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1957-DD.MM.1960 Bryan, Blackshear M. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1960-DD.MM.1962 O’Neill, Edward (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1964 Davidson, Garrison (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1964-DD.MM.1965 Porter, Robert (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1965-DD.MM.1965 Dunn, Thomas (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1966-DD.MM.1967 Train, William (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1967-DD.MM.1971 Seaman, Jonathan (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1971-DD.MM.1973 Hutchin, Claire (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1973-DD.MM.1974 Walker, Glenn (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1974-DD.MM.1975 Kalergis, James (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1975-DD.MM.1979 Smith, Jeffrey (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1979-DD.MM.1981 Forrest, John (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1981-DD.MM.1984 Rosenblum, Donald E. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1984-DD.MM.1987 Franklin, Charles D. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1987-DD.MM.1991 Thompson, James E. Jr. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1991-DD.MM.1993 Johnson, James H. Jr. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1993-DD.MM.1995 Otjen, John P. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1995-DD.MM.1997 Laboa, Guy A. J. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1997-DD.MM.1999 Fisher, George A. Jr. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.1999-DD.MM.2001 Riggs, John (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.2001-DD.MM.2004 Inge, Joseph (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.2004-DD.MM.2008 Honoré, Russel (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.2008-06.04.2011 Miller, Thomas (Lieutenant General)
06.04.2011-14.03.2013 Bednarek, J. Michael (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.2013-DD.MM.2013 Wendel, Kevin R. 1) (Major General)
DD.MM.2013-DD.MM.2016 Tucker, Michael S. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.2016-DD.MM.2018 Twitty, Stephen M. (Lieutenant General)
DD.MM.2018-DD.MM.RRRR Peterson, Erik 1) (Major General)
Náčelník štábu:
Chief of Staff:
Podřízené jednotky:
Subordinated Units:
Čestný název:
Honorary Name:
1) dočasný velitel

1) interim

2) The Eastern theater included Newfoundland and the continental coast from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico at the Florida-Alabama line, and extended inland to a line drawn about four hundred miles from the Atlantic coast. The theater forces consisted initially of the First Army, the First and Third Air Forces, units assigned or attached to the First, Second, and Third Corps Areas, the forces of the Newfoundland Base Command, and "all other units now stationed in the Eastern Theater of Operations." Units of these forces currently located outside the theater's boundaries were also put at the disposal of its commanding general.

After mid-1942 the need for continental defense activity progressively declined, but it was not until September 1943 that the First and Fourth Armies were separated from the Eastern and Western Defense Commands, and the First and Fourth Air Forces taken away from them and restored to the Army Air Forces.
Wilson, John B.: Armies, Corps, Divisions, and Separate Brigades, Center of Military History, United States Army, Washington, 1999
Clay, Steven E.: U.S. Army Order of Battle 1919-1941. Volume 1. The Arms: Major Commands and Infantry Organizations, Combat Studies Institute Press, US Army Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2010

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