I. skupina Bombardovací eskadry ke zvláštnímu použití 172 [1940-1943]

1st Group of the 172nd Special Purpose Bomber Wing / I. Gruppe der Kampfgeschwader zur besonderen Verwendung 172 (I./KGzbV 172)
I. skupina Bombardovací eskadry ke zvláštnímu použití 172 1st Group of the 172nd Special Purpose Bomber Wing
Originální název:
Original Name:
I. Gruppe der Kampfgeschwader zur besonderen Verwendung 172
Datum vzniku:
III. skupina Bombardovací eskadry ke zvláštnímu použití 172 3rd Group of the 172nd Special Purpose Bomber Wing
Datum zániku:
IV. skupina Transportní eskadry 3 4th Group of 3rd Transport Wing
Nadřízené velitelství:
Higher Command:
DD.03.1940-DD.05.1943 Bombardovací eskadra ke zvláštnímu použití 172
DD.03.1940-DD.05.1943 172nd Special Purpose Bomber Wing
DD.03.1940-DD.03.1941 ?, ?
DD.03.1941-DD.03.1941 Radom-Piastow /
DD.04.1941-DD.04.1941 Foggia, Aeroporto di Foggia /
DD.05.1941-DD.05.1941 Acharnes, Fliegerhorst Athens-Tatoi /
DD.05.1941-DD.MM.RRRR ?, ?
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Tacinskaja, Fliegerhorst Tazinskaja /
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.04.1943 ?, ?
DD.04.1943-DD.04.1943 Ludwigslust, Fliegerhorst Ludwigslust /
DD.04.1943-DD.05.1943 Capua, ? /

DD.03.1940-DD.MM.RRRR Krause, ? (Hauptmann)
DD.10.1941-23.02.1942 Hammer, Walter (Major)
DD.MM.1942-DD.05.1943 Zähr, Erich (Major)
Podřízené jednotky:
Subordinated Units:
DD.06.1941-DD.05.1943 známá jako KGrzbV 172 DD.06.1941-DD.05.1943 known as KGrzbV 172
Pegg, Martin: Transporter Vol. 1, Luftwaffe Transport Units 1939-1943. Classicolors, 2006.
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I./KG z.b.In. 172

Mar 41: probably reactivated for the forthcoming campaigns in the Balkans and Russia.
26 Apr 41: at Wiener Neustadt in reserve that Stab/KG z.b.In. 2 for operations in Greece.
12 May 41: listed in German documents as being at Berlin-Rangsdorf with 53(53) aircraft refitting in preparation for the Crete operation.
14 May 41: deployed in the Athens area under Stab/KG z.b.In. 1/XI. Fliegerkorps for the airborne and air-landing assault on Crete (Operation Mercury) beginning 20 May.
16 May 41: an ex-Lufthansa Junkers G 38 apparently assigned to the Gruppe-bombed on the ground at Menidi/Greece and destroyed.
3 Jun 41: the Gruppe was in the thick of it from 20 May, dropping paratroops over the objectives along the northern coast of Crete and then bringing in other troops, weapons, ammunition, supplies and probably fuel. By the end of the operation Also./KG z.b.In. 1 has lost 6 Ju 52s and a further 14 damaged.
Jun – Oct 41: assigned to this Qu./Luftflotte 1 as the only transport unit permanently assigned it operations in North Russia, according to Morzik, but this is both untrue and misleading (KGr.from.b.In. 106 was also assigned a Luftflotte 1 during much of this period). And the chart maintained at Ob.d.L. in Berlin that displayed the daily distribution of units show the Gruppe that have been directly under Lufttransportführer/Ob.d.L. from 20 June to 9 August and then under Qu./Luftflotte 1 from 10 August on. Strangely, there is no mention of it in the Loss Reports during this period so there is no way to corroborate its location or detail of its activities.
Oct 41: renamed KGr.from.b.In. 172.

FpNs: Gruppenstab and 1. – 4. Staffel (L 31213, L 08093)

Owner. Rudolf Krause (Mar 40 - ? ) 5/41

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