[20.10.2015-29.11.2015] - Poděbrady - Výstava válečné fotografie Jendy Rajmana, Polabské muzeum Poděbrady

Dear friends in arms,

after the successful presentation of the song. photos Rožďalovického native Jan Rajmana of Nymburského c. to. of the court of the district in the course of the exhibitions in his birthplace and at the Prague castle, the exhibition currently repeated in Polabském museum in Poděbrady. In the two exhibition rooms is to see the original file snapshots from Sochi and Piavské queue in the context of the galician field hospital no. 3./15, in which served brothers Rajmanové. Délesloužící quartermaster Joseph and cvilní clerk Jan. Organizational issues for the exhibition, see annex. Have a nice experience.

Nb. Interesting are the photos in the framework of the XV. Armee of the Corpus and its commander, celebrations and competitions in Soldatenheimu, march R-U army after Kobaridu into the heart of the Venetian lowland, the images trénu, a brothel in the trenches and other details of field hospital and its operator. For members of the traditional IR18, IR98, and for other separate battalions fighting on the Tolminském the bridgehead (e.g. the ir35 regulations) this was a field hospital located in the Baska valley, in the municipalities of the Klavže, Priest and Podmelci in alas. track and be for them the catchment. The currently conserved two (Klavže I., II) of the three blew. cemeteries (the original mark. no. 9, 10 a11) are buried by their members with the deceased. There was also an Italian. pow camp in the priests celebrating mass and a choral command, including the rear security.

With respect to health
E.F. Fldw. Vladimir Mucha
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