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20.11.2015 - Teroristé obsadili hotel v maliském Bamaku

The terrorists invaded the hotel Radisson Blu in Bamako, the capital city of Mali. In the building now holds 140 guests and 30 employees hostage. When charging into a building should yell Allahu Akbar. In Mali recently, France's military force at the request of the mali government, eliminate islamist takeover attempt of the state. The Hotel has an american owner.
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A group of attackers (according to witnesses, there could be five to thirteen) attacked the hotel before noon. According to witnesses, arrived in a car with diplomatic registration plates and immediately opened fire on the security guard.
According to the malian ministry of security was in the hotel at the time of the attack on the 140 guests from at least 14 states. It's about the citizens of Algeria, Belgium, China, France, India, Canada, Morocco, Germany, ivory Coast, Russia, Senegal, Spain, Turkey and the USA. Some of the hostages, the attackers soon released. This afternoon, however, detained more than 130 people.

The object then penetrated soldiers and according to some sources, there were sent to members of a French counterterrorism commandos GIGN. The siege ended when in front of 17. p.m. CET after the swat team broke the resistance of the militants, who have barricaded themselves in the seventh floor of the hotel.
According to military and security sources in the building so far found at least 27 dead hostages and killed two of the attackers.
To attack she volunteered with the Al-Qaeda related islamist sect Al-Murabitun, which consists mostly of Tuaregs and Arabs. Action carried out together with the islamic group "al-Qaeda in the islamic Maghreb", trying to overthrow the government in Algeria and the present belonging to the Islamic state

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Mezi rukojmími údajně jsou i Číňané (před pár dny jednoho popravili - není nad to naštvat další velmoc) a Turci z Turkish Airlines.
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