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21.12.2015 - Vláda schválila Koncepci výstavby AČR 2025

This document is for the Army of the CZECH republic necessary from the point of view of maintaining and obtaining the necessary capabilities to ensure the defense of the state and to the planning of its construction. "My clear priority is now the gradual fulfillment of the Concept in all areas, in particular, the complement of personnel and material, force modernisation and strengthening of the role of the active reserve. I presume uniform development of skills of all kinds of forces to create a fully functional task force at the time of their use in the territory and outside the territory of the state. The implementation of the Concept created for the performance of the tasks of the Army of the CZECH republic corresponding to the conditions,“ said the chief of the General staff of the ACR lieutenant-general Josef Bečvář.

The concept will be implemented in two steps, called milestones. The first milestone 2020 will focus on the replenishment and stabilization of staff, including strengthening the role of active backups, replacement of military equipment, which is at the end of the life cycle (e.g. battle of helicopters, mobile radars) and additions to operating reserves (in particular ammunition, but also the additional material). The second milestone 2025 will be focused in particular on modernization of the existing equipment or its replacement depending on the termination of its life cycle. Specifically, it will deal, e.g., a replacement infantry fighting vehicles (BVP 2), modernisation of the airport infrastructure or pontoon bridges.
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