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23.09.2015 - Německo využívá k ubytování azylantů objekty bývalých koncentračních táborů

Outbuilding of the former concentration camp Dachau in the south-east of Germany, was converted into a shelter for homeless people, including refugees, said Tuesday the AFP news agency with reference to the mayor of Dachau and one of the residents of the hostels.

A similar idea to take advantage of one of the buildings of the so-called outside of the camp in Dachau accommodation less than hundreds of asylum seekers had already previously town hall in Augsburg, but in February it refused to bavarian provincial government. The intention criticised German jewish organization.

The israeli portal Ynet, Recently pointed out that in the town of Schwerte in western Germany are refugees ubytováváni in an abandoned building, which served as a guard building in an ancillary camp of the former concentration camp Buchenwald.

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