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24.11.2015 - Sicilská mafie varuje IS před útokem na New York City

Giovanni Gambino, a key figure in one of the five major new york mafia families, he said that if the Islamic state tries to attack on the New York City, will have nothing to do with the sicilian mafia.
According to him, the FBI and Department of homeland security to "respond too late or don't see the overall picture of what is happening, because they lack the information of people from the field". On the contrary, knowledge of the mafia thanks to local knowledge and contact with people surpasses even the most advanced technology, he says.
Gambino believes that because the mafia can offer protection to New York, to curb the rise of islamist terrorist networks and allow people to see the mafia in a better light.

Gambino, who grew up in Torrettě u Palermo, says, that the islamists are the sicilian mafia fear and Sicily even tried to create a secret cell.
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och lol, tak ted uz je USA spasena, kdyz jako tolikrat v dejinach vystoupi po jejich boku mafie Very Happy
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