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27.10.2015 - Americký torpédoborec hlídkoval u Spratlyových ostrovů

American torpedoborec USS Lassen this morning local time, heading to the near reefs Subi (GPS: 10°54'47.88"N 114°03'43.19"E) and Mischief (GPS: 9°55'00.00"N 115°32'00.00"E), that China last year, artificially expanded and built on them the technical background suitable for military use.
Vessel penetrated into the dvanáctimílové zone around the reef Subi. Mission destroyers to ensure the monitoring aircraft.
According to army sources, today's mission could be just the first of a series of similar events in response to chinese territorial claims around one of the busiest shipping routes in the world.
Other marine patrols are to be deployed in the coming months and will be carried out around the islands in the archipelago spread the Philippines and Vietnam.
China claiming almost the entire south china sea, which is the major sea routes and under whose date may be large reserves of oil and natural gas. Similar claims to certain areas are also Brunei, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.
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The american chief of naval operations admiral John M. Richardson and his chinese counterpart, Wu Sheng-li together Thursday hour act through video conferencing on Tuesday voyages of the american destroyers in the Spratly islands claimed by China. According to the Pentagon, agreed that contacts would continue. Beijing reportedly warned the US before the provocation. A spokesman for the us navy in this regard, he reiterated the american view that one of the objectives of the free movement of american ships is "to protect the right to the use of sea and airspace for all nations on the basis of international law".

The chinese admiralty issued a communiqué, which refers to the steep wording in the declarations of the commander of the chinese navy during the videoconference. If the United states will continue their "dangerous and provocative actions" in the South china sea, there is a risk that these actions will lead to "a minor incident that sparks a war," he reportedly Wu Sheng-li Richardson.
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