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29.12.2015 - Bundeswehr je kvůli uprchlické krizi na hranici svých možností

According to the chairman of the union of employees of the German branných forces André Wüstnera is the Bundeswehr because of the help to migrants at the borders of its possibilities and he's not getting his people to perform the tasks as defined in the constitution. Thousands of soldiers, who were singled out in connection with the refugee wave, should therefore, according to him, the authorities of the länder and the local authorities to replace someone else, and no later than within a year. Wüstner is thus defined against the claims of defence minister Ursula von der Leyen, that "assistance to refugees is becoming an important part of the tasks of the soldiers of the Bundeswehr".
In 79 the barracks and buildings of the German army is currently accommodated almost 41 000 refugees, the soldiers organize their distribution and transportation and help with medical care for them.
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