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30.03.2012 - Chile: Nouzové přistání F-16

Machine F-16BM Fighting Falcon (735 / 6E-20) (ex-Dutch supplied in the framework of the program Peace Amstel I) of 8. air group 5. the air brigade of the chilean air force (Grupo de Aviación Nº8, Vª Brigada Aérea, Fuerza Aerea de Chile) at the air force base Antofagasta/Cerro Moreno (Base Aérea 'Cerro Moreno') had to make an emergency landing due to a malfunction of the chassis.
The pilot managed to keep the machine under control even during landing on the belly and he thus managed to minimize the damage.
The machine managed to build on a chassis and towed away from the runway. Both crew members escaped without injury.

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