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3,7 cm Selbstfahrlafette auf Hanomag-Schlepper

From 1923 worked for the company Hanomag on the development of priemyselných belt ťahačov W.D. Raupenschlepper with výkonom 25/50 horses.
The weaker and smaller of type W.D. Schlepper 25 PS bol in 1927 selected Reichswehrom on the adjustment nosiča anti-tank gun. Bol it predobraz neskorších stíhačov machines.
On this simple crawler tractor bol lafetovaný 37mm Tankabwehrkanone L/45 of the company Rheinmetall. Gun mala úsťovú rate of 760 m/s and hmotnosť projectile bola 0,695 kg. Gun mala námer in the range of -5° to +15° and the lateral odmer 30° on both sides.
Crew 2 mužov len nedostatočne protect shield cannon and in bojovom nasadení would ich crew suffered veľkými stratami. The machine, however, was taken as the experimental konštrukcia that bola on počiatku vývoja this type of weapon.
Machine bol from dôvodu reštrikcií Versaillskej agreement tested on a secret Russian basic in the Kame. Serial production nebola launched.

TTD fighter machines(pôvodný belt ťahač)

hmotnosť 3,30 t(3t)
dĺžka 3.3 m(3.3 m)
height ?(2.2 m)
the width of 1.46 m(1,46 m)
width pásov 300mm
engine 4valec Hanomag VD(25-28k)
armament 1x 3.7 cm So L/45.
3,7 cm Selbstfahrlafette auf Hanomag-Schlepper -

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