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40 mm L/56 QF Mark I

40 mm/56 QF Mark I

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Naval anti-aircraft cannon 40 mm - license-produced british version of the Swedish cannons 40 mm/60 Bofors Model 1936

An overview of the versions:
Mk I a double - barreled version
Mk II - čtyřhlavňová version similar to the Mk I
Mk III - can't stay mad at, manually operated version, based on the army version
Mk IV a double - barreled version, commonly known as the Hazemeyer, usually guided radar Type 282
Mk a double - barreled version, replacing the version of Mk IV, designed for remote control
Mk VI - šestihlavňová version, designed for remote control
Mk VII - can't stay mad at version, hydraulically powered, replacing the version of the Mk I
Mk IX - can't stay mad at version, electrically powered

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