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42. pěší divize [1943-1946]

42nd Infantry Division

42. pěší divize
Originální název:
Original Name:
42nd Infantry Division
Datum vzniku:
Datum zániku:
Nadřízené velitelství:
Higher Command:

14.07.1943-29.06.1946 Collins, Harry John (Major General)
Náčelník štábu:
Chief of Staff:
Podřízené jednotky:
Subordinated Units:
Čestný název:
Honorary Name:
Wilson, John B.: Armies, Corps, Divisions, and Separate Brigades, Center of Military History, United States Army, Washington, 1999
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The 42nd Division was deployed at the time of the United States' entry into World War I. It was founded in April 1917. It was formed in September at the Mills Camp on Long Island, New York. Its composition consisted of members of the National Guard from 26 US states and the District of Columbia. Colonel Douglas McArthur, who helped form the division, said shortly after its final formation: "The 42nd Division, like a rainbow, extends from one end of America to the other." That's how its name came about - Rainbow.

In November 1917, the 42nd Division arrived in France and in March 1918 was moved to the front, where it remained, almost in constant contact with the enemy, 174 days. During her stay in France, she took part in 6 major campaigns. Her service ended in May 1919.

The 42nd Division was reactivated after the United States participated in World War II. In July 1943, the division's reactivation ceremony took place; at the ceremony, the new division commander, Brigadier General Harry Collins, mimicked MacArthur's view of the division's unique composition and said, "42. Rainbow represents the people of our country."

As part of the 7th Army, the 42nd Infantry Division, in December 1944, landed in France and, after moving through the country, entered Germany in March 1945. During her rapid advance through Germany, along with the 45th Infantry Division, she liberated the infamous Dachau concentration camp. By the end of the war, the division had set an enviable record: It was the first of its corps to cross the Siegfried Line, enter Germany, and occupy the city of Munich. The division occupied almost 6,000 square miles from Nazi Germany. At the end of the war it served as an occupying unit in Austria and in June 1946 it was reactivated again.

In 1947, the 42nd Division was re-formed, this time as the National Guard Division, part of the New York Army National Guard. During the Cold War, she was called in due to many national emergencies while actively preparing for her next military mission.

In December 1989, the headquarters of the 42nd Division was moved from New York to Troy, where it remains to this day. In 1991, thousands of soldiers from the "rainbow" volunteered for the Gulf War. In addition, the division was moved to the National Training Center, where soldiers were to prepare to move to the Gulf. They fought there so well that they were rewarded with the prestigious Hanby Trophy. It was the first award ever won by the United States National Guard.

In 1993, it was merged with parts of the 26th and 50th Divisions. The division now had members from 8 different states. The councils of this famous unit consisted of soldiers from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts. Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island and New Mexico.
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Commanding General
1944.12.24 Maj.Harry J.Collins
Assistant Division Commander
1944.12.24 Brig.Gen.Henning Linden
Artillery Commander
1944.12.24 Col.Giles R.Carpenter
Chief of Staff
1944.12.24 Col.Burns Beal
1945.04.29 Lt.Col.Robert G.Sherrard
Assistant Chief of Staff G-1 ( Personnel )
1944.12.24 Lt.Col.Roy N.Walker
Assistant Chief of Staff G-2 ( Intelligence )
1944.12.24 Lt.Col.John C.F.Tillson III
1945.03.09 Lt.Col.Edwin Rusteberg
Assistant Chief of Staff G-3 ( Operations & Training )
1944.12.24 Lt.Col.Frederick W.Coleman
1945.04.08 Lt.Col.Robert G.Sherrard
1945.04.29 Lt.Col.Frederick W.Coleman ( zastupující )
1945.05.03 Lt.Col.Frederick W.Coleman
Assistant Chief of Staff G-4 ( Supply & Evacuation )
1944.12.24 Lt.Col.Robert G.Sherrard
1945.03.08 Maj.Donald Swihart
Assistant Chief of Staff G-5
1945.02.03 Maj.James F.X.O'Connell
Adjutant General
1944.12.24 Lt.Col.James D.Tanner

Příchod na evropské bojiště: 1945.01.18*
Přesun na kontinent:1945.01.18 ( D+156 )
Zapojení do boje
.....první jednotky:1944.12.24
.....celá divize:1945.02.17
Počet dní v boji:106

*tři Infantry Regiment a Division Headquarters příchod ETO 1944.12.09 jako součást Task Force Linden

Zranění:1 800
Nezvěstní:1 459
Bojové ztráty:3 598
Nebojové ztráty:2 351
Celkové ztráty:5 949

Central Europe

Distinguished Service Cross:1
Legion of Merit:3
Silver Star:185
Soldiers Medal:3
Bronze Star:515
Air Medal:15

Počet zajatců......59 128

222d Infantry Regiment
1944.12.24 Col.Henry J.Luongo
1945.04.28 Lt.Col.Lucien E.Bolduc
243d Infantry Regiment
1944.12.24 Col.Alfred McNamee
242d Infantry Regiment
1944.12.24 Col.Norman C.Caum
1945.04.26 Lt.Col.George S.Fricke
1945.05.01 Col.Burns Bell

42d Division Artillery
232d Field Artillery Battalion ( 105 mm Howitzer )
292d Field Artillery Battalion ( 105 mm Howitzer )
402d Field Artillery Battalion ( 105 mm Howitzer )
542d Field Artillery Battalion ( 155 mm Howitzer )

42d Reconnaissance Troop ( Mechanized )
142d Engineer Combat Battalion
122d Medical Battalion

Special Troops
742d Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
42d Quartermaster Company
132d Signal Company
Military Police Platoon
Headquarters Company
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Údaje k 22. srpnu 2006.

Stav: asi 3,000 vojáků
Domovská základna: Různá armádní zařízení
Popis: Divize plus 116. Jízdní brigáda Adahouské z Armádní Národní gardy, 278. Plukovní smíšená taktická jednotka z Tennesseeské Armádní Národní gardy a 1.Brigáda a 3. Brigáda z Opevnění Stevard, Georgie založená 3. Pěší divizí.
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