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450/400 Black Powder Express 3 1/4"

450/400 Black Powder Express 3 1/4"

The old English hunting bullet, originally černoprachý. The hub survived the transition to smokeless powder, the time of the introduction given around the year 1880. The charge is fashioned in three versions, with different označeením and various performances.

Black Powder Express, the dust 7,13 g shot lead acid 14.9 g, muzzle velocity of 610 m/sec.

Nitro for Black Powder Express powder 2.6 g, shot a lead of 17.5 g, muzzle velocity of 564 m/sec.

Magnum Nitro Express, dust 3.9 g, shot poloplášťová 25,9 g, muzzle velocity 655 m/sec.

The hub has the days of marking, the right is the bullet 7,92 x 57, photo by author.

Source: J. Hýkel, In. Malimánek "Bullets in small arms" Our troops, Prague 1998. Andersen, In. Andresen, T. Stromstad "Cartridge Cases" load your own, Norway, 1995, the catalog of firms Eley and Kynoch 1925..
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