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7x64 Brenneke

7 x 64 Brenneke

The German hunting cartridge of 1917, which constructed a Wilhelm Brenneke. Very popular, quite versatile charge produced in the present with a wide variety of missiles. The shot of 11.3 g has úsťovou speed of 810 m/sec., the bullet 9,1 g 890 m/sec. The captured charge is not in the best shape, but comes from the beginning of production, when these shells for the company Brenneke was produced by a company of the Deutsche Waffen u. Munitionsfabriken, Germany. On the right is the cartridge 7,92 x 57, photo by the author.

Source: Manfred R. Rosenberger "Jagdpatronen" Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart 2005, Germany..
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