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800-899. Naval Air Squadron


Naval airmen of His Majesty against the Blitzkrieg (1. part)

Hitler's Germany on May 10, 1940 launched its Western Offensive ( Westfeldz), leading to the occupation of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the collapse of France and the expulsion of the British from the continent. The critical phase of the fighting was intervened in many accounts of the events of the time by the wrongfully neglected men of the British Fleet Air Arm - His Majesty's naval pilots.

Naval airmen of His Majesty against the Blitzkrieg (2. part)

On the evening of May 20, the first soldiers and vehicles from the German 2nd Panzerdivision, belonging to the Heeresgruppe A, penetrated the coast of the English Channel near Noyelles-sur-Mer. Only 11 days have passed since the start of the German offensive on the Western Front, and the fatal rupture of the French defense on the Meuse near Sedan took place just a week ago. Allied troops fighting in Belgium, as well as their rear, based in northwestern France, now remained cut off from the rest of the French army in the south.




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