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8 x 60 Mauser

Němecý hunting charge listed on the market around the year 1924. The hub is basically a prolonged military bullet 7,92 x 57. It was produced from year 1928 and in the version With ie shot with 8.2 mm with comparable ballistic vlastnosmi. The bullet of 12.7 g has a muzzle velocity of 780 m/sec. Take a new hub manufactured by the Deutsche Waffen u. Munitionsfabrik, Karlsruhe, Germany. To the right is the charge from which it is based, the 7,92 x 57. Photo by author.

Source: J. Hýkel, In. Malimánek "Bullets in small arms" Our troops, Prague 1998. Andersen, In. Andresen, T. Stromstad "Cartridge Cases" load your own, Norway, 1995..
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