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9,1x40 R

9,1 x 40 R

Originally černoprachý the German set and the hunting charge. The charge arose between the years 1878 - 1882 and later was laborován bezdýmným dust. Bullet 9 g has úsťovou the speed of 545 m/sec. The captured charge to match the T3 produced by Považská strojárne, Považská Bystrica, Czechoslovakia (now the Slovak republic to anyone touched). On the right is the cartridge 7,62 x 39, photo by the author.

Source: J. Hýkel, In. Malimánek "Cartridges for small arms" Our army, Prague 1998. Andersen, In. Andresen, T. Stromstad "Cartridge Cases" load your own, Norway, 1995..
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