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USA - AN/CRN-2 (sestupový radiomaják přístrojového přistávacího systému)

AN/CRN-2 (Glide Path - Instrument Landing System )

Originální název:
Original Name:
Období výroby:
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Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
Složení systému:
Composition of System:
1. Přistrojový přívěs V-1/(C-1/CRN-2)
1.a) Komplet sestupového radiomajáku
- vysílač T-3/CRN-2
- antenní systém AS-2/CRN-2
1.b) Blok napájení PP-29/ARN-2
1.c) Elektrocentrála PU-1/CRN-2
1.d) Radiostanice SCR-610

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Sestupový vor - Glide Path, AN/CRN-2

the Beginnings of the existence of "glizádního" radiomajáku date back to the period in 1942 when an agreement was made between "by the civil aviation Authority" (CAA), "the Federal communication companies" (Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation) and "Connecting the choir" (Signal Corps)on the allocation of the frequency band/frequency 330 Mc/s. for the "equi-signal" for the "Glide Path".
The company "International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation" was a subsidiary of the fy. Lorenz, for which Ernst Kramar invented the "kursový" system of the SBA.

The authors of the "birth" of the landing approach radiomajáku were M. Charchian (transmitter),....With. Patent Watts, L. Himmel, M. Fuchs) of the "International Telephone and Telegraph Federal Laboratories"/ ITTFL)

The oldest use was to contextualize in the system ILS SCS-51 during the invasion in the summer of 1944 (D-Day operation).

A beacon in the mobile version was mounted in a box-type trailer In a-1 ( or on the chassis of the C-1/CRN-2).
The total mass of 900 kg (1800 lb)

1. Chassis C-1/CRN-2 (the weight of 516 kg / (1032 lb)

1.a) Transmitter T-3/CRN-2 (weight of 113.5 kg (227 lb)
- Frequency range: 328-336 Mc/s (MHz), crystal controlled, 6 ranges:
- The signal has two modulation components: "bottom": 90c/s (Hz) and "top": 150 c/s (Hz)

1.b) Antení system AS-2/CRN-2
- collapsible tubular mast
- Warning lights (kerosene!)

2.a) the Power block PP-29 ARN-2 (weight of 127 kg / (254 lb)

3. Generator PU-1/CRN-2 (weight 113 kg (226 lb)

- 2x Battery BA-57 (weight 41 kg (82 lb)
- Rotary converter PE-120 (weight 12.5 kg (25 lb)
- 2x Vibrating changer VB-12
- 2x Vibrating changer VB-13

4. Communication radio BC-659 /SCR-610 (weight 12.5 kg (25 lb)
- Whip antenna AN-29
- Headphones with microphone TS-13

5. Box for accessories and ND (weight of 38.5 kg / (77 lb)

USA - AN/CRN-2 (sestupový radiomaják přístrojového přistávacího systému) -
USA - AN/CRN-2 (sestupový radiomaják přístrojového přistávacího systému) -
USA - AN/CRN-2 (sestupový radiomaják přístrojového přistávacího systému) -
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