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USA - AN/MPN - přehled verzí (radiolokační přistávací systém)

AN/MPN - general version (ground landing radar system / GCA)

Radar kit for the control of landing (Landing Control Set) AN/MNP-xx was the most common type used since the fifties of the last century AFTER a PERIOD of several decades on the military (and civilian) airports, states, associated in NATO.
She was referred to as GCA / Ground-controlled approach, in civilian terminology (ICAO) as PAR / Precision approach radar

Apparently 1. post-war "combat" deployment was in securing the "air bridge" to Berlin (from 23. June 1948 to 12. may 1949 at the airport Tempelhof and Tegel airport).

The basis was I. "post-war" version - AN/CPN-4 and its modification of the AN/CPN-4A, AN/CPN-4B.

Assy GCA accounted for:
1.a) Surveillance radar (Airport Surveillance Radar / ASR)
- frequency band: 2780 - 2820 MHz (10 cm)

1.b) Radio finder - kit (Direction-Finding-equqment)

2.a) Precision approach radar (Precision Approach Radar / PAR)
- frequency range: 9000 to 9160 MHz (3 cm)

3. Radio connecting means
- portable radios
- for zone KV/HF (1,5 - 18,0) Mc/s (MHz)
- for VHF band/VHF (100 - 156) Mc/s (MHz)
- for band UHF/UHF (225 - 399,9) Mc/s (MHz)

4. Power supplies, cooling and accessories

The device was most often fitted to the 2 two-axle trailers.

A number of because very similar versions and their modifications. They differed on the bc. different type of trailer, number of minor konstručních changes to the panels of control, the change and the number of indicators, the type of radio stations, antennas, etc.

Used version:
1. AN/MPN-11 (AN/MPN-11A AN/MPN-11B, AN/MPN-11C, AN/MPN-11D)
2. AN/MPN-13
3. AN/MPN-14 ; (AN/MPN-14K);
3.a) AN/MPN-14 RAPCON - including the control center landing system - flight control
4. AN/MPN-15

The composition of the system and the details of the "Technical manual" -
TM-11-487C-1 Military Standardization Handbook United States Radar Equipment Manual *(Date 1 April 1964).
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