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2012 / 05


44, 2012, no. 5

Content numbers:
Begala, Ján: Maj -. Peter Vojtek: Membership in NATO us protect, but aj zaväzuje (2-3)
Rovenský, Dušan: the American armed forces in the years 2012-2014 (4-9)
Sousek, Thomas: Sharp shooting at Lion Effort 2012 (10-12)
Special annex - the News of the Czech defense industry
Special Supplement - New products of the Czech Defence Industry
Česká zbrojovka: Modern service weapons (14-15)
Česká zbrojovka: Modern Service Weapons from the Czech Republic (16-17)
URC Systems: Czech comprehensive system of electronic warfare (18)
URC Systems: Czech Comprehenshive Electronic Warfare System (19)
Excalibur Army: Modernisation of vehicles DANA-M1 CZ (20)
Excalibur Army: DANA-M1 CZ-Modernization (21)
Retia: Lightweight surveillance radar ReVISOR (22)
Retia: ReVISOR and Short Range Surveilalance Radar (23)
ERA: Back to Basics (24-25)
Meopta-optics: New products Meopty for the year 2012 (26)
Meopta-optics: New Products of Meopta in 2012 (27)
With.P.M.: MOSICLE - New from With.P.M. (28)
With.P.M.: MOSICLE - and the New Product of With.P.M. (29)
Glomex: cutting-edge equipment for central and eastern Europe (30)
Glomex: Top-Notch Equipment for Central and Eastern Europe (31)
SVOS: VEGA Multi-purpose Armored Vehicle (32-33)
Zdobinský, Michal: Pandury in the fight (34-35)
Zdobinský, Michal: The Pandurs in Combat (36-37)
Begala, Ján: Quenches, but aj purified water (38)
Begala, Ján: Military sanitné vehicle (39)
Odehnal, Zdenek: Iveco Defence Vehicles (40-42)
Merry, Martin: M1A2 SEP Abrams (complete) (44-48)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Mobilný rádiotechnický zameriavací system CHORUS-1 (49)
Odehnal, Zdenek: Password today: Pocket robots (50-51)
Visingr, Lukáš: Kalashnikov gives up (52-53)
Kolesár, Samuel: Modern poľné uniforms USA (54-59)
Zdobinský, Michal: Mountain lion comes (60-61)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Russia-bieloruská S-125-2M Pechora-2M (62-65)
Helebrant, Martin: the UZI Pro - the Legend continues (66-68)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Chinese salvo rocket launchers advice And (70-72)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: the Project of the protection system Miraž pre mobile cellular objects (73)
Short messages (74-75)
Odehnal, Zdenek: Reaper celebrates five years in the fight (elements 76 to 79)
Sousek, Thomas: AMRAAM so far without compensation (80-83)
Also, James: Difficult time of the Russian training (84-87)
Visingr, Lukáš: the south Korean combat helicopters: a Long journey full of changes (88-89)
Short messages (90-93)
Zajac, Ivan: Oceanic patrol ships BAM: the Spanish "girls for everything" (94-98)
Zajac, Ivan: VMF expands wings (complete) (99-101)
Short messages (102-103)
Dubánek, Martin: a Mock-up of the czechoslovak. 57mm anti-aircraft gun (104-106)
Máče, Jan: the Czechoslovak air force after 1945 (part 76): Practice-combat aircraft Sukhoi Su-7FOR in CZECHOSLOVAKIA (108-110)
Máče, Jan: the Czechoslovak army 1939-1945 (part 52): the Emergence of 311. czechoslovak bomber squadron (111-113)
Merry, Martin: Operation Dingo (complete) (114-117).
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