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2016 / 01


48, 2016, no 1

Content numbers:

Visingr, Lukáš: the Russian intervention continues: Bombers, navy and ground technique (2-4)
Rovenský, Dušan: Hot moments on hot line (6-8)
Rovenský, Dušan: the British army is facing new challenges (9)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Prehľadový radar Commander SL (10-11)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Protilietadlové missile systems S-300P (12-17)
Zdobinský, Michal: the Latest wheeled armored car (18-19)
Visingr, Lukáš: the Rockets over the Bay: the Threat and the defense against the background of regional rivalry (20-23)
Merry, Martin: LVSR (24-27)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: the Project protitankovej visually navádzanej riadenej strelas Spider (28-30)
Visingr, Lukáš: the Chinese automatic grenade launchers (30-32)
Visingr, Lukáš: AirTronic USA PSRL: RPG-7 on the american way (33)
Visingr, Lukáš: Nagmapop, Nakpolon and Ofeq: Another israeli conversion tanks (34-35)
Rovenský, Dušan: the Canadian Commandery for the Russian elite (36)
Merry, Martin: Leopard 2the A7 for the Bundeswehr (37-39)
Short messages (40-41)
Sousek, Thomas: Tornado still indispensable (42-46)
Sousek, Thomas: the Helmet of the Striker II is headed to operation (47)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: a New bezposádkové vrtuľníky so Serbia (48-49)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: a New Russian the winged riadené strelas Ch-101 and Ch-555 (50-51)
Fojtík, Jakub: the Techniques of the martial drops from helicopters (52-55)
Short reports (56-59)
Zajac, Ivan: Submarine type A26: Delay the descendants of the Vikings (60-65)
Short messages (66-67)
Dubánek, Martin: Mine climber: Unrealized improvement proposal for simple clearance of a means (68-69)
Rovenský, Dušan: Betty and Lulu – nuclear hunter submarines (70-71)
Máče, Jan: Centurions that saved Israel (72-76)

Information annex MO CR and ACR ATM+:
Goat, Zdeněk: Clash of reconnaissance team (78-79)
Decker, John: Help it feels good (80-81)
Vosk, Michal: Doctors in Afghanistan. The Czech field surgical team saves lives (82-83)
Marek, Vladimír: Skills have been certified (84-85).
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