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A man of nine professions

Ensign Pavel Stehlík completed a pyrotechnic and medical course and training focused on air and artillery guidance before joining the mission.
For a soldier who is leaving for foreign missions, a submachine gun, good shoes and a large backpack are no longer enough. The current contingents consist of an increasing number of different specialized professions. There are often even more of them than there are members in smaller units. Therefore, there is nothing left, as in the case of special forces, to engage in several military professions in parallel. And this is exactly the case with pprap. Pavel Stehlík.

Bandits patrol in Logar

Kabul had just woken up in the morning. A small but even more robust military convoy was leaving the Allied base at the international airport. It consisted of four eight-wheeled Panduras with the designations of the Army of the Czech Republic.


The protective ramparts of Shank Base remained behind us. We head south on the Utah Road. The unusually long column of Humvee, Dingo and Iveco armored vehicles suggests that this time it is not a patrol or an escort of civilians. Soldiers of the 5th Contingent of the Provincial Reconstruction Team ( PRT ) in Logar are waiting for gunfire.

Deadly "Storm"

A literally bloody sun appeared in the east. A new day began on August 5, 1995. A mortar grenade, which landed on the observation post of Czech soldiers Tango 23, arrived like lightning from clear skies. Literally a whirlwind of shards immediately took its toll. Two Czech soldiers paid for it with their lives, three others were wounded. The line of Croatian fighters, as if nothing had happened at all, moved on. Operation " Storm " against troops of the Republika Srpska Krajina was drawing to a close. But let's look at this tragic moment in the history of the Army of the Czech Republic in more detail.

Drying in live transmission

A column of the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team is leaving the Shank base in Logar, Afghanistan. Yesterday they measured 28 degrees in the shade. There are fifteen more people in the sun and ten more in the car. Following one of the main roads, which the Allies called Utah, we head north. The soldiers are tasked with escorting Alena Lišková, who is responsible for water management in the civilian part of the provincial reconstruction team, to the administrative center of the Mohammad Agha district.

Dum spiro spero

The 601st Special Forces Group returned to its first area of operation in Afghanistan after seven years near the legendary Tora Bora fortress cave complex.

Flying on a velvet night

The helicopter spun contentedly, sharply cut mountain peaks towering around. The shooter in the door rested, the stock of the machine gun on his shoulder, and tried to concentrate as much as possible. Suddenly he turned the barrel sharply out of nowhere. He saw movement down in the valley. Maybe it was just a caravan of nomads, but it could also have been an opponent who was just about to attack…

He survived malaria and spewing volcanoes

The current commander of the 4th OMLT unit in Wardak, Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Martin Botík has completed a number of missions: he has worked in the Georgian Caucasus, Afghanistan and the African Congo.

Hell and paradise of Africa

Captain Hynek Pavlačka looked into the barrel of a sharply charged Kalashnikov and wondered how seriously the blacks meant the words of the execution. Just don't rush anywhere, make no mistake. "Now I'll reach into my backpack and show you materials about who we really are and what we do, " he tried to tune in his voice as mildly as possible.

It's time to say goodbye

The broken gates of the hissing cemetery come out of the fog at the last minute. Without a guide, we would probably get lost. None of us would find this remote corner of Kosovo, one of the last untouched enclaves in the peace of Kosovo Serbs resting here.

Small battles with the interrogator

Czech soldiers leaving for foreign missions are being prepared for the eventuality that they may be captured. In addition to the theoretical part, which contains a lot of important information, they have the opportunity to try such a situation on their own skin during practical training. Nevertheless, it is true that only reality will show to what extent they are able to handle such borderline situations.

Teachers with finger on the trigger

A Czech training and liaison team operating in difficult conditions in the Afghan province of Wardak helped save several lives. The convoy of Czech soldiers returned to the Soltan Kheyl base after a week of tedious patrol. From somewhere in front, a sudden fire started. An Afghan army unit came under fire from the insurgents directly on the road. One of the Afghan soldiers was lying on the ground, bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound. Two Czech soldiers immediately provided assistance to him under fire. They pulled the tourniquet and tried to stop the bleeding. The soldier lost over 2 liters of blood, but thanks to the timely intervention of members of the Czech mentoring team, he managed to save his life.

The opponent is watched by the Raven

A convoy of armored vehicles lined up at Shank base in Logar, Afghanistan. The civilian part of the provincial reconstruction team was preparing for the village of Derwish under the protection of soldiers. They were to hand over the new school here. Earlier, the Raven ( Raven ) reconnaissance vehicle had risen above the horizon.

They started at the 38th parallel

Although the history of the participation of Czechoslovak and Czech observers in UN missions after 1989 is very rich and varied, something similar cannot be said about the four decades of the former Czechoslovak People's Army. The total score in the form of three foreign missions had to be saved by the revolutionary year of 1989.

Through the crosshairs

A team of snipers is also available to the provincial reconstruction team in Logar, Afghanistan. Not all commanders of the Army of the Czech Republic know how to deal with snipers who are assigned to them.

Too insidious death

The mixed American-Czech column drove slowly along an unpaved road. Nothing out of the ordinary in the Afghan province of Logar. Two heavy armored trucks passed the incriminated site without any problems, until a third was thrown by a massive explosion. Almost immediately, batches of Kalashnikovs began to comb the air. The attackers tried to hide behind the civilians standing along the way and get as close as possible.


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