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F-14 Tomcat vs Su-22 - Dogfight over the gulf of Great Sydra

During the Cold War, pilots of fully armed aircraft of both major powers, their allies or satellites, met many times in the air. Most of the meetings went without conflicts, although the participants mostly ran what is called " irritating the rattlesnake with their bare feet ". If nothing else, at least they tried to take a more advantageous position over the opponent. But sometimes it turned out differently.

In particular, the fate of the vessel

This means aircraft career or " parent aircraft carrier " ENTERPRISE, which in the Czech non-poetic translation works at best as an ordinary COMPANY.

Suchoj T-4 Sotka - Aircraft carrier hunter

The USSR tried to cover the absence of aircraft carriers in its fleet by developing submarine forces and aircraft designed to fight the American CVBG ( Carrier Battle Group ). Suchoj T-4 was supposed to be a specialist in aircraft carrier hunting, but in the end it turned out completely different ...

The man who overcame DΓΆnitz

In the early 1920s, the British Admiralty declassified documents stating that, despite all efforts, the British shipbuilding industry was unable to cover the losses of shipping space caused by Kaiser submarines, and that it would not have recovered them until 1921 at best. Captain Karl DΓΆnitz carefully released from captivity, and after becoming commander of the U-Bootwaffe on September 1, 1939, applied the strategy created on this fact when deploying U-boots in the Battle of the Atlantic. It was estimated that bringing the United Kingdom to its knees would require monthly losses of around 500,000 GRT.

Tu-22 versus CVBG (aircraft carrier battle groups)

Aircraft carriers demonstrated their striking power during World War II. They have become the core of the fleets of all naval powers and are rightly considered the strongest surface units. The only exception was the Soviet Union for many years. To fight combat groups of aircraft carriers had to use the Air Force from ground bases and submarines.

US aircraft carriers vs. Iraq

The United States has withdrawn six aircraft carriers to disarm Iraq. I will try to show you what a huge force it is. I will focus on air force. Try to compare it with the planned 24 Gripen aircraft, which were to form the backbone of the Czech Air Force. (Where the F-18E / F has at least twice the combat value.)

USS Enterprise - 00 (Interactive Guide) Interactive guide

An aircraft carrier is a real floating city. As a terrestrial nation, we usually do not have many opportunities to walk on board. On the occasion of the broadcast of the Aircraft Carrier series, we have prepared an interactive tour, which allows us to get to know the basic armaments and equipment deployed on board the USS Enterprise (CV-6).

USS Enterprise - 01 Pearl Harbour

The United States was drawn into World War II by attacking the largest Pacific base with Japanese aircraft. At the time of the first bombs, treacherous Japanese diplomats were discussing the details of the peace treaty with Secretary of State Hull. Such insidiousness is not forgotten. In the Pacific, a naval war began that the world did not see… the war of aircraft carriers.

USS Enterprise - 02 Retribution at Midway

After the battle fleet was massacred at the Pearl Harbor berth, the Americans were left with virtually only aircraft carriers. The Japanese began a successful victorious campaign in the Pacific. One bastion of resistance after another fell, and nothing seemed to stop the Japanese expansion.

USS Enterprise - 03 In the clutches of the enemy

The Battle of Midway fundamentally changed the pace of forces in the Pacific. By sinking four large aircraft carriers, the Japanese fleet lost a substantial part of its attack potential. The Americans, who had just retreated until then, decided to try what it was like to attack territory occupied by the enemy. The first invasion was directed at the island of Guadalcanal.

USS Enterprise - 04 Bloody Islands of Santa Cruz

The USS Enterprise was hit several times near Solomon Islands and had to undergo the inevitable repair. The repairs could not last long, because together with the sister USS Hornet, they were the only two aircraft carriers left to the Americans in the Pacific. The Japanese superiority was threefold.

USS Enterprise - 05 Alone against Japan

After the sister aircraft carrier USS Hornet was sunk at the Battle of Santa Cruz, the USS Enterprise was left alone in the Pacific. American industry has begun, but the production of an aircraft carrier is not a matter of weeks or months. Until newly built aircraft carriers were available, the Enterprise was the only operational aircraft carrier the US Navy had in the Pacific.

USS Enterprise - 06 Gray Ghost

In early 1943, the USS Enterprise again faced the Japanese and again in the waters surrounding the island of Guadalcanal. It was then sent to the United States for a well-deserved overhaul, which definitively repaired the provisionally repaired damage. She returned to combat at the head of a strong operational alliance.

USS Enterprise - 07 Hell's hammer

The USS Enterprise was sent to Truk Atoll after the fighting off the Gilbert Islands. One of Japan's largest naval bases. The miserable period of fighting alone was over. It now sails as the flagship of a strong operational alliance.

USS Enterprise - 09 Battle of Leyte Bay

In the Battle of the Mariana Islands, the Hellcats massacred the Japanese air force in action, which the Americans called Turkey shooting. The Japanese's ability to act seemed limited. Few could have imagined that it was heading for the largest naval battle in the history of World War II.




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