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  • Kenya versus al-Shabaab

    The long-running conflict in the Horn of Africa is taking on a new dimension. Kenya joined the fight against the Islamist group al-Shabaab in Somalia in October, provoked by numerous attacks by al-Shabaab. The conflict in Somalia has a number of indirect consequences for Kenya that threaten its own stability. One of them is the influx of large numbers of refugees. Near the border with Somalia is the world's largest refugee camp, Dadaab, which has been home to 400,000 refugees. The refugee complex has become Kenya's third largest " city ". The influx of refugees further weakens an already poor country. In addition to the indirect security threats posed by Somalia's instability, al-Shabaab groups have begun to threaten Kenya with direct attacks on its territory.

  • Development of events in Somalia

    Fighting for Somalia continues. In December, the African Union ( AU ) approved the merger of its troops with Kenyan troops, which passed under the command of the AU. Djibouti and Sierra Leone, each with 1,500 troops, have also decided to contribute to the operation in Somalia. The African Union has so far had 9,000 troops in the capital, but says it needs at least 20,000 troops to maintain order in the country. During December, January and February, air operations continue with partial success. At the end of December, AU troops conquered Beledweyne, but more importantly, the conquest of the Badhadhe Islamist base in February, which is only 180 km from the port city of Kismayo. Like Kismayo, Badhadhe represents an important logistical point for al-Shabaab. However, al-Shabaab retaliated and attacked the Ethiopian base with a suicide attack that killed 10 Ethiopian soldiers. The abduction and killing of humanitarian workers in Somalia also continues.


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