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Radislav Svoboda

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  • Andrew Browne Cunningham

    Admiral Sir Andrew Browne Cunningham, later Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope, KT, GCB, OM, DSO.

    "It takes the Navy three years to build a ship. It will take three hundred years to build a new tradition. The evacuation will continue."

  • Avro 504K

    history of the aircraft

  • Deliveries of Sherman tanks to Great Britain and "17lb gun"

    The Armed Forces of the British Empire were the largest foreign user of Sherman tanks. Out of the total production of 49,234 Shermans, a total of 17,181 pieces were delivered to Great Britain (this, of course, includes tanks that were used in units from the British dominions - Canada, Australia and New Zealand - and colonies, or in the Allied, e.g. Polish units).

  • The main mass-produced variants of the Sherman tank

    The Sherman tank was the most important type in the armament of the Western Allies. Although he did not excel significantly above the average in armament or armor, or speed and acceleration (at least in 1944 and 1945; but we must not forget the fact that the situation at the time of its introduction into armaments was diametrically different!), But on the other hand was reliable , it was easy and undemanding to operate and maintain, there were enough spare parts for it, and most importantly it was always available in large numbers…

  • Mitsubishi A7M Reppu (“Sam”)

    A project forgotten on the siding…

  • Nuffield Liberty

    The Liberty engine was used by the British to power the A13 Cruiser Tank Mk.III, A13 Mk.II Cruiser Tank Mk.IV, A15 Cruiser Tank Mk.VI Crusader, A24 Cruiser Tank Mk.VII Cavalier and A27L Cruiser Tank Mk.VIII Centaur. The engine was supplied by Nuffield, unfortunately it is not clear from the available sources whether it is a new production or (more likely) a refurbishment of older stored engines.

  • Favorite myths and legends

    At times, it is somewhat surprising how much better things are done with stubbornness - many authors stick to some information that is translated around certain war events, techniques or even the decisions of the highest commanders, without trying to verify them.

  • Use of depleted uranium in sub-caliber ammunition

    Natural uranium ( 92 U) has three isotopes, with uranium 238 predominating:
    234 U - about 0.006%;
    235 U -> 0.7% (reported 0.71 or 0.72%);
    238 U - approx. 99.28%.

  • Translation of war literature

    For many years we have been confronted with the sad and regrettable fact that much of the translations of war literature are somewhat declining (and I think perhaps even punishable), at least if I can compare it with years old but really great translations of books such as The cruel sea of Nicholas Monsarrat or MacIntyre's Narvik. Then it is really difficult to find suitable words to evaluate most current translations.

  • S/Ldr Ian Willoughby Bazalgette, V.C., D.F.C.

    Acting Squadron Leader Ian Willoughby BAZALGETTE, VC, DFC, RAFVR, 118131

  • Starling - killer

    Much has been written about Nazi submarines, how much damage they have done to Atlantic shipping, and that this was probably the only means that could have excluded the United Kingdom from the war - and thus reverse the result of World War II.
    But what do we know today about the opponents of the German U-Boats, the anti-submarine ships and their weapons, the escort and support groups, or their commanders, and the men who served on board these ships? It seems almost nothing.

  • Tank engines

    In the following lines I want to present some - perhaps interesting - data on the engines of medium and heavy tanks from II. World wars. Unfortunately, the whole topic of tank engines is so extensive, and at the same time there are so few usable materials for it, that its exhaustive elaboration is practically impossible in our country. Unfortunately, the data published by various authors are often so contradictory that it is difficult to assess their credibility, so it is possible to reject the correct data and use the wrong one. irregularities (certainly to be found). Of course, I welcome any additional information. However, all possible errors and inaccuracies fall only on the author's head.

  • U-571

    Many apparently had the opportunity to enjoy the film of the same name from the workshops of Hollywood filmmakers. The heroic epic before which the famous Soviet war films of the past years fade… The subject of this sentimental nonsense led me to be interested in the fate of the real U 571. one of the most difficult and undoubtedly the longest battle II. World War II, the Battle of the Atlantic, it was possible to commemorate and honor any of the countless stories that have actually taken place - and which are undoubtedly much more engaging and imaginative than

    what we were offered…

  • „High Altitude“ Spitfire Mark V

    One small episode from the air war in 1939-45


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