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  • Admiral AV Kolchak from the point of view of a collector of orders and decorations

    Admiral Kolchak was awarded the Order of St. George three times in total. During his military service in Port Arthur, when he served in various commanding positions, including as an observation officer on the Askold minesweeper, he showed his organizational military talent and the talent of an artillery officer.

  • Cateau Cambrésis

    Faleristic treatise on the Napoleonic Wars.

  • The path to the state order of merit and its implementation

    It was clear to the leaders of the young post-war Austrian Republic that the state could not do without a nationwide order of merit, which would represent its sovereignty both before its own population and abroad ...

  • Artillery Cross 1813-14

    The Army Cross from 1813-14 was founded by Emperor Francis I on May 13, 1814 as a commemorative decoration for soldiers who took part in a field campaign against the troops of the French Emperor Napoleon in the fateful clashes of the Napoleonic Wars.

  • Domestic Order of Henry the Lion

    The Brunswick Domestic Order of Henry the Lion (Hausorden des Herzogs Heinrich des Lowen) was founded in 1834 by the Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, Wilhelm.

  • History of the creation of Austrian medals For bravery

    Marshal Arnošt, the free lord of Laudon, realizes that soldiers are exposed to the hardships of fighting, hardships and death, and it is therefore necessary to reward them in some way. Until then, they only received a financial reward for their heroic deeds, which they usually spend. There is no visible appreciation of the merits and bravery of the soldier.

  • Oldrich Pilz

    Founder of Czech and Slovak faleristics. Together with Václav Měřička, he has a special credit for the fact that the term faleristics (the science of orders) has gradually become international.

  • Liberation of Czechoslovakia and memory of US ARMY

    Given that the area of the liberation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Army is relatively well documented, I would like to point out in my short article the fact that part of the Czechoslovak Republic was liberated by US troops. I would like to say that it is not my intention to reduce bravery, heroism and My article does not claim historical precision, it is intended primarily for younger falerists, who did not always have the opportunity to get acquainted objectively with the campaign and struggle of the US Army and its role in the fight against fascism. I will try to show the types and number of decorations awarded.

  • Commemorative Verdun Medal

    The commemorative medal of the city and fortress of Verdun is well known, but no one realizes that it is a medal that is very widespread, has many types and variants.

  • Order of the Legion of Honor

    On May 18, 1804, Consul Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) became emperor of France, and on December 2, 1804, he was ceremoniously crowned as Napoleon I in Notre Dame Cathedral. Napoleon is closely bound or, more precisely, the founder of the famous Order of France, which to this day is the Order of the Legion of Honor.

  • Order of the Golden Fleece

    The Order of the Golden Fleece, founded in 1429 by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, existed for many years in the form of two, completely separate orders, which bear the same name and derive their origin, history and grandeur from this, the Order founded by Duke Philip. It is therefore the order of the Habsburg family and in Spain the royal family. Both orders still have their status as family orders.

  • Austria - Mexico and Czech volunteers: Military Merit Medal

    Mexican medals came to our territory and it was mainly the Military Merit Medal, silver or bronze. These medals appear in our territory together with Czech and Moravian veterans, who were members of the volunteer corps, which accompanied the Archduke and later Emperor Maximilian. he took part in the fighting there, and after the failed campaign and death of the emperor on June 19, 1867, his living members returned to their homeland. And many of them were awarded these medals.

  • Tyrolean medal

    None of the countries that formed part of the former Austria, later Austria-Hungary, received the honor and privilege to establish and issue for its citizens such a large and wide number of commemorative and meritorious decorations as in Tyrol. The reason for the monarch's care for the people was the strategic location of this mountainous alpine country, forming a defensive line and island at the western and southern borders of the state. This was fully demonstrated in the years 1793-1815, but also later, during the political leaven and wars that took place on Italian soil in the mid-nineteenth century.

  • 100
  • Military commemorative medal of the field campaign from 1848-1849

    This interesting Vatican medal appears quite often in our collections, but few people know why. We find it in various versions, the embossments are always careful, bronze, or gilded and patinated, but very rarely also gold or silver. Why this medal?

  • Honors of the Western Volunteer Army of General Prince Bermont-Avalov

    This is an interesting part of history, where both Germans and Russians took part in the fighting against the Bolsheviks. For this reason, we are put the awards of gen. Bermont-Avalov in German section, because I follow the history of both the Baltic Cross and the Silesian Eagle, but also other decorations that appear in Germany and France, but also in the Czechoslovak Republic after 1920.

  • Order of Merit of the Republic of Austria

    Establishment and development of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Austria 1918-1938


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Bayerische Tapferkeitsmedaille



Spange 1939 zum Eisernes Kreuz 1.Klasse

Spange 1939 zum Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse

Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse (1914)

Eisernes Kreuz 1.Klasse (1914)


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Croix de la Valeur Militaire

Ordre National de la Légion d´Honneur - Chevalier

Suomen Valkoisen Ruusun IV

Suomen Leijonan II


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