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Attack on the Togo football team

Undoubtedly the most famous terrorist attack on athletes is Munich in 1972. However, it was far from the only one. Unfortunately, even the most popular sport - football, did not remain unmarked. This is, of course, about the attack on the Togo football team in 2010. And this attack is the topic of the seminar work. In it, I will present not only the mentioned act, but also the causes that led to it. Not only Cabinda (the place where the act took place and which was the cause of it) but also the civil war in Angola will be briefly introduced. However, most of the work will be devoted to engineers, ie. Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (abbreviated FLEC), their motivations, history and activities.

Conflicts in Angola and the DRC

In our seminar work, we focused on the conflicts in Angola ( 1975-2002 ) and in the Democratic Republic of Congo ( 1997-2003 ), whose main motivations include the struggle for control of the mineral wealth of both countries. In the first two parts, we want to provide, within the limits of the scope of this work, detailed information about the course of conflicts, so that in the final part we arrive at their evaluation and mutual comparison.

Operation Leopard, Kolwezi 1978

The successful rescue mission of the French Foreign Legion Parachute Unit ( 2REP ) was the first operational airborne raid by French troops since 1956. It more than adequately justified the existence and training of 2REP and demonstrated the value of having a unit capable of rapid deployment and implementation. air raids.

The role of oil in the conflict in the Angolan province of Cabinda

At the beginning of this year ( 2010 ), the conflict in the Angolan province of Cabinda, which had been in decline for several decades but was neglected by the world public, received unusual interest. On 8 January, before the start of the African Cup of Nations football holiday, members of the local armed secessionist movement FLEC ( Frente para and Libertaçao do Enclave de Cabinda ) three people were killed in the attack [1] ( BBC News Portal 2010 ). In this conflict, which always takes place in the shadow of the Angolan civil war [2] and is therefore nicknamed the " forgotten war of Angola ", the key variable is oil, or its rich deposits located in the disputed province of Cabinda ( Global Security Portal 2010 ).




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