2006 / 08

Armády, Technika, Militaria - ATM
4, 2006, no 8

Content numbers:
News (4-5)
Kaucky, Stanislav: the Alien missile base in the Czech republic? (6-10)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Jammer company Aviakonversija (11-14)
Honed, Zdeněk: NEMO – a new mortar from Patria (15-17)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Reaktívny pechotný plameňomet RPO PDM-a AND Šmeľ-M (18-19)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: Automated rušiaca stanica R-934B Sinička (20-23)
News (24)
The accident of a military air force – June 2006 (25)
Foldyna, Thomas: the Practical logistics (3. part): Cars (26-29)
Fencl, Jiří: Assault rifle the SA80 (30-32)
News (33)
Martinec, Jan: the Czechoslovak helicopters (2. part) (34-38)
News (39)
Máče, Jan: the Czechoslovak air force after 1945 (8. part): Domestic production (1. part) (40-43)
Máče, Jan: the Fight for air technology during the cold war (8. part): Migs over Nevada (44-47)
Martinec, Jan: GAZ SADKO (48-51)
Martinec, Jan: DSRV (52-55)
Máče, Jan: the Civil war in Spain (1. part): the Uprising and the first fight (56-59)
Kupka, Vladimir: Majorca (1. part) (60-63)
"Mobilisation-BRICKWORKS 2006" (64-65)

Military professional:
It happened (70)
Uher, Michal: Department of rapid deployment (71 to 73)
Uher, Michal: the Group of the operational deployment of the Customs administration of the CZECH republic (74-75)

Zeman, Jan: Doupov: Training is increasing! (1-4)
Zeman, Jan: Jincheon changes its face (5-6)
Sousek, Thomas: the Pilots already in the night he sees (7-8)
Šulc, Jan: Disasters know no boundaries (9-12)
Žiak, Jozef: the Slovak rockets over the Baltom (14)
Vitko, Pavol: the New minister of defence (17)
Žiak, Jozef: Training and support (18)
Aktuálne (19)
Kriško, Michal: a Tribute to ľudskosti (20)

COMPETITION: anti-aircraft missile sets (17. part) (96).
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